The Calico Critters are an adorable collection of distinctive animal characters who live in beautifully detailed homes with charming furniture and accessories. The Calico Critters are also know as the Sylvanian Families because they live, work and play in the enchanting land of Sylvania.

Calico Critters can be purchased in pairs or in families. These toys range from cats, mice, bunnies, bears, dogs, squirrels and a whole lot more. When you purchase your favorite mammal family they come with clothes and objects such as baby bottles or food.

As you can see there are several different types of cat and dog families. There are Persian cats, Carmel cats, Fisher cats, Beagle dogs, Dalmations and Yellow Labs, to name just a few.

As well there are rather unique little Cottontail and Hopscotch rabbits, Furbank squirrels, Norwood mice and even Wilder Panda bears and Ellwoods elephants who live in Sylvania.

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Once you start collecting the families, they will need a place to live and furniture for their homes. The Calico Critters collection will keep your child entertained for years to come as new family members are born and upwardly mobile critter families acquire new vacation houses. The whole family will have fun with the Calico Critters as your collection grows.

Watch this video to see how much fun it will be for your kids to play with their own collection of Calico Critters.